7 ways to use PVC Boards for Ceiling and Wall Panelling

PVC Boards for Ceiling and Wall Panelling

Ceiling and wall paneling can make a huge difference to the look of any room. PVC boards are one of the most popular materials used for this purpose because they are lightweight, easy to install, and come in a range of designs and colors.

In this blog post, we’ll explore seven creative ways to use PVC boards for ceiling and wall paneling. From modern geometric patterns to classic wood finishes, there’s something for everyone!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the creative world of PVC board design.

1. Geometric Patterns

PVC boards provide an easy and creative way to incorporate geometric patterns into any space. Bold, vibrant colors can be combined with a variety of shapes – such as circles, triangles, and hexagons – to create stunning wall art that stands out from the rest. The combination of different shapes creates an interesting visual effect, while the colors add an extra dimension of excitement to the overall look.

2. Wood Finish

A wood finish on PVC boards gives any room a classic and timeless feel, without the hassle of installation or maintenance associated with traditional wooden panels. Choose from a variety of realistic-looking finishes – such as light oak or dark walnut – and pair them with complementary wall colors for a sophisticated and timeless look.

3. Textured Panels

PVC panels can also be used to add texture to any room, thanks to the variety of textured designs available. From smooth to grooved – pick the one that best fits your interior design scheme and create an interesting visual effect with ease. The texture of the panels will also add an extra layer of depth to the room, creating an inviting space that is bound to be a talking point.

4. Color Blocks

PVC boards can be used to create modern artwork by combining them in different colors. Ombre shades are especially popular and offer a subtle way to add vibrancy to any room, while bold blocks of color will make a more dramatic statement. Experiment with different colors and shades to get the perfect look that best reflects your style.

5. Wave Designs

Get creative with PVC boards by adding wave designs to create a modern and chic look that stands out from the crowd. Choose between subtle curves or more elaborate designs to get the perfect aesthetic for your room and make a statement that will be remembered.

6. Detailed Patterns

If you’re looking for something truly unique, PVC boards offer the perfect opportunity to add detailed patterns to any space. Delicate flowers, intricate geometrics, and other styles are available in various colors – so you can get as creative as you like and create a look that is truly yours.

7. Mirrored Panels

For a touch of luxury, mirrored panels are the perfect choice for any room. Use them to create a statement wall or subtly incorporate them into an accent piece – either way, they will instantly add an air of sophistication and glamour to the space. Mirrored panels will also help to make any room look bigger and brighter, making them an ideal choice for smaller spaces.


In conclusion, PVC boards are an attractive and versatile material for ceiling and wall paneling. They provide a range of design options, from modern geometric patterns to classic wood finishes, that can be used to create stunning looks in any room.

So if you’re after something truly unique – why not try out some of the ideas mentioned above? For top-quality PVC boards, CenturyPly is a perfect choice. Their range of products is made from premium materials and is designed to last for years, so you know your investment will be worth it.

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