Can Winter Kill Bed Bugs –Understanding The Secret Between Cold vs Pests

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Bed bugs can ruin your peaceful night’s sleep, and getting rid of them is even more difficult. Especially during winter, people do not want to ruin their sleep with bed bugs. Most people believe that beg bugs do not bother people during the colder months. It is a myth that all insects die or go into hibernation during winter. Bed bugs are around throughout the year, even though some pests become inactive. Now, the question arises whether winter or extreme cold temperatures can kill these critters. 

The short answer to this is that bed bugs can survive in winter. They have figured out ways to deal with the cold weather. They can stay active and look for food even when it is harsh outside. Some bugs sleep through the winter, but bed bugs stay active indoors where it is warmer. If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you should call a pest control service immediately. This is because pest control services are known to get rid of bed bugs permanently, so you can sleep without feeling these itchy creatures on your bed. 

Does cold weather affect bed bugs?

Bed bugs cannot survive below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires them to be exposed to this temperature for four days continuously to die. However, this is something that is not easily achievable without professional pest control services. You can not kill them by throwing your suitcase or mattress out in winter. Bed bugs prefer moist and warm environments. 

After a single blood meal, female bugs can lay hundreds of eggs in a short time. To produce more offspring, they need to feed again. They can multiply very quickly if they find a suitable environment. During winter, people use more heat. You can easily be a bed bug’s target when you put on extra blankets to feel warm. 

How to kill bed bugs in the winter?

While bed bugs can survive in a cold environment, freezing methods are often used to control them. Several tips can make this technique more helpful:

  • Do not rely on the outside temperatures. They are subject to change. Always use a freezer when removing bed bugs.
  • Infested items must be left in the freezer for at least four days at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can freeze many household items. However, avoid freezing electronics and valuables.

Removing a bed bug infestation.

You can bring your household items outside in cold weather to kill these pests. However, they can still come back inside. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs in winter to save your time and money. 

Temperature-related control can help control infestations. However, for permanent removal, it is important to understand how they came inside in the first place. 

Consider calling professional help services if home treatments are proven ineffective. They have more effective products like heating equipment and can kill bed bugs within minutes or hours. You should speak to a pest control service and let them take care of bed bug elimination in your home. 

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