How to maintain an outdoor and indoor synthetic turf?

maintain an outdoor

Have you chosen to equip your outdoor or indoor floor with brand new synthetic turf? This alternative to natural lawn offers many advantages : it is particularly easy to maintain and frees you from spending long hours gardening. If you don’t have a green thumb or little time to devote to cleaning your lawn, you’ve made the right choice! Are you afraid of committing the irreparable and damaging your artificial turf? Don’t worry, Décor Discount has the solution that guarantees natural and gentle maintenance of your lawn

Follow all our advice from the pros for a step-by-step cleaning of your artificial turf!

1) The equipment necessary for the maintenance of the synthetic turf

Before considering maintaining and cleaning your synthetic turf, make sure you have a few essentials:

a non-abrasive sponge;

a water jet or a karcher;

an eco-friendly lawn shampoo;

white vinegar.

Decor Discount has everything planned and offers some of these cleaning accessories for sale .

2.  Maintain synthetic turf indoors

Do you want to give a green atmosphere to your interior by creating a small corner of greenery on your patio or in your children’s playroom? Rest assured, cleaning your synthetic turf indoors is no more complicated than outdoors. No need to redouble your inventiveness and ingenuity to maintain your artificial lawn. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust residue or dirt buried in the blades of your synthetic turf.

3. Watch out for encrusted stains!

An interior represents a place of life and various hazards arise from it: droppings from pets, spilled food or liquids, traces of mud, earth, etc.

To clean your synthetic turf from these messy disappointments, you can vacuum the excess first then rub with a soft push broom or a sponge soaked in warm soapy water.

4. Maintain synthetic turf outdoors

For a thorough cleaning of your outdoor synthetic turf, nothing beats water! Use a water jet to remove traces and residues of food or liquids in no time on your balcony, your terrace or in your garden. We recommend that you remove weeds as soon as they appear and do not let them proliferate. Why not treat the area with weed killer before laying down your synthetic turf?

5. Clean the outdoor synthetic lawn at the karcher

In case of stubborn stains, do not hesitate to use a karcher. The pressure deployed will overcome the most stubborn dirt. Be careful, however, not to exceed 120 bars of pressure at the risk of degrading your artificial lawn irreversibly.

6. Clean and disinfect artificial grass

To treat your synthetic turf and disinfect it thoroughly, various solutions are available to you. To sort

through all the misconceptions and falsely effective grandmother’s remedies, favor natural and ecological products.

7. Attention do not use any product!

In the list of products to ban, we find chemical or acid-based products such as sodium hypochlorite

or bleaching agents. If they often have spectacular results in reviving the shine of the materials, the consequences on your pretty synthetic lawn quickly turn out to be catastrophic. Opt for black soap or a non-abrasive detergent. White vinegar is also natural and effective. There are ecological shampoos specially designed for the treatment of synthetic turf. They present the best results for disinfecting, degreasing and cleaning your artificial lawn while preserving its properties intact. We have it

8. in our shelves:to try it is to adopt it !

Have you found chewing gum stuck to your beautiful synthetic turf ? Don’t panic, let it dry and rub it with a sponge soaked in soapy water seasoned with a drop of white vinegar , a little

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