30 tips to increase the value of your home

value of your home

Tip 1: Spend an hour with a pro.

Invite a real estate agent or interior designer to check out your home. Many real estate agents will do this as a courtesy, but you’ll likely have to pay a designer consultation fee. Check with several designers in your area. a standard hourly rate is normally less than $100, and within an hour they can give you plenty of ideas for needed improvements. Even small suggested improvements, such as paint color or furniture placement, can go a long way in improving the look of your home.

Tip 2: Inspect it.

Not all home improvements are cosmetic.. Hire an inspector to check areas of your home that you don’t normally see. They can uncover hidden issues that could negatively impact the value of your home. Small problems (like a hidden water leak) can quickly become big, expensive problems; the longer you delay repairs, the more expensive the repairs will be.

Tip 3: paint, paint, paint.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective upgrades is painting! The freshly painted rooms look clean and modern – and it’s worth it. When choosing paint colors, remember that neutrals appeal to the most people, making your home more desirable. On average, a gallon of paint costs around $25, which leaves you plenty of money to buy rollers, painter’s tape, drop cloths, and brushes.

Tip 4: Find inspiration.

An alternative to hiring a designer is looking for inspiration for remodeling and decorating in design-oriented magazines, books, TV shows, and websites. Simply tear off or print out the ideas you want to try and start your to-do list.

Tip 5: Reduce energy costs.

The money you spend each month on energy costs may seem like a fixed amount, but many local utility companies offer free home energy audits for their customers. They can show you how to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. An energy-efficient home will save you money now, which can be applied to further upgrades and is a more valuable and marketable asset in the long run.

Home improvements: $100 – $200

Drought-tolerant plants are a great way to improve your landscaping and save money on your upkeep.

 Plant a tree.

If you’re not planning to sell your home today, plan for the future with landscaping improvements that will mature over time. Plant shade trees – not only will mature trees make your home more desirable, but a fully grown and well-placed tree can cut your air conditioning costs by 40%It provides essential habitat for wildlife while providing valuable curb appeal to your home.

There’s no doubt that colorful shrubs and plants will add limited appeal to any home, but when shopping at your local garden center, be sure to “think green.” Buy plants native to your area or drought-tolerant plants; these require less water and maintenance, which means more savings for you and more greenery in your wallet.

 Add economy luxury.

Speaking of water, here’s another way to add extra savings; install a water filtration system in your kitchen. Not only will these systems purify your water, they will also reduce your grocery bills – no more bottled water. A water filtration system is an inexpensive addition, but it’s the kind of little luxury that homebuyers love.

Improve the air quality in your home.

Air quality isn’t just about the conditions outside. If you have older rugs in your home, they could be hiding contaminants and allergens. The first step in determining if they need to be replaced is to hire a professional company to test your indoor air quality. If the results show that your carpets need to be replaced, choose natural products that are environmentally friendly, such as tile or laminate floors. Hard-surface floors are much easier to clean, don’t retain odors, give your home a modern look, and generally attract more buyers.

Save the popcorn for movies.

Finally, what’s on your ceiling? So dedicate a weekend to ditching the aged look and adding dollar signs to your home’s value. This is a project you can tackle. Start by visiting your local hardware store for a solution to soften the texture, then simply scrape off the popcorn. Removing a popcorn ceiling might not seem like a big change, but one of the keys to adding value to your home is to repair, replace, or remove anything that might turn buyers away.

Home improvements: $200 – $400

If you’re too busy to keep up with yard work, hire a lawn care service to maintain your home’s value.

Overgrown or uneven lawns and overgrown shrubbery will make your home stand out – in a negative way. Your call will go from messy to serviced without blowing your budget.

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