Advantages and disadvantages of a wooden roof

wooden roof

Wood roofing is a type of roofing that is rarely seen. In fact, it is often mistakenly thought that this material is not as durable as other types of materials (shingles, concrete, etc.). Still, wood can be a very durable roofing material if properly cared for. Today, we are going to support you with the various advantages and disadvantages of a wooden roof.

The different types of wooden roofs

First, know that there are several types of wood that you can use to make a roof. They are not alike and their qualities may vary from one model to another:

Solid wood roofing which is constructed from thick wood such as spruce, cedar, pine, beech, etc.

The wooden roof from deciduous trees has a high density.

Composite roofing is made of wood and resin. It is often built in the traditional way.

Wood shingle roofing is made from very thin sawn boards.

As for the wooden roof from softwood trees, it is often of very good quality.

Why opt for a wooden roof?

The wooden roof is very sturdy

Here are the main reasons that can lead homeowners to choose a wood roof:

The wooden roof is very sturdy

Wood is a very robust material, especially when it has received a water-repellent treatment. Moreover, this treatment allows it to be waterproof and non-flammable.

But what makes wood an excellent material is that it resists well to winds, freezing and thawing. Thus, the roof can ensure the protection of your house against bad weather and bad weather conditions.

The wooden roof does not represent any danger for the environment and for the inhabitants

We all know that wood is a material of vegetable origin, that is to say biosourced. It does not represent any danger for the environment and for the occupants of the house where it is installed.

Choosing a wooden roof is an ecological and responsible act

By opting for a wooden roof, you are doing an ecological and responsible act. It is a renewable material and, if you opt for solid wood, you can use it without any chemical treatment.

The wooden roof is very aesthetic

Houses that use a wooden roof have a soft, warm and cozy appearance. Indeed, wood is one of the materials that bring the most cachet to the structure of a house. It is therefore the material to prioritize if aesthetics is an element that matters a lot to you.

Note that by opting for the wooden roof, you can easily work on the volumes, the curves, the angle effects of your installation.

The wooden roof provides good thermal insulation

Compared to other materials like concrete and aluminum, wood is considered a good natural insulator. By choosing to install a wooden roof, you will save energy, because the thermal comfort of your house will be maintained in summer and winter alike.

Note that wood is also the ideal material for its good sound insulation, especially if you use it in its dense form.

The wooden roof is easy and quick to install

The wooden roof is designed for easy installation and the various elements that make it up can be prefabricated in the workshop. Thanks to this and its lightness, its transport and installation can be done easily and quickly.

Note that wooden roofing generally costs less. In short, this material offers you good value for money.

What are the weak points of the wooden roof compared to those built with other materials?

Here are the main weak points of the wooden roof:

If you opt for a solid wood roof, you must carry out regular maintenance to limit its deterioration and to preserve the durability of its assets. It is recommended to do this at least once every six months.

Some wood roof designs can be very expensive.

The color of wood roofing tends to fade or fade over time.

The cost of the installation is often a bit substantial.

A wooden roof always lays on a slope of at least 35°, which makes the design of the project a bit difficult.

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